IBM Metadata Workbench: Managing Metadata

Managing Metadata In The IBM Infosphere World

According to the definition from Wikipedia, metadata management can be defined as the end-to-end process and governance framework for creating, controlling, enhancing, attributing, defining and managing a metadata schema, model or other structured aggregation system, either independently or within a repository and the associated supporting processes (often to enable the management of content). IBM Metadata Workbench is a software tool which is a part of the InfoSphere Information Server suite and is used to:

  • Explore the IBM InfoSphere Information Server assets
  • Analyze dependencies and relationships
  • Manage metadata

Metadata Workbench Features

Organizations have a lot of data, but most of them do not invest in effectively managing and maintaining their metadata. The result is that they end up spending a lot of money and effort into discovering their data. With Metadata Workbench, all it would take is a simple search to discover an information asset which could be a business term and its related terms, servers, a database, a database table, a column, or an ETL process(s) operating on the data. This tool can show how the different information assets are organized, categorized and related to one another.

Business analysts, subject matter experts, developers and data architects can use Metadata Workbench to understand complex data flows from source to target through user friendly reports, thereby making it easier to understand how data is getting transformed as it moves through different stages of integration. They can use this tool to identify the different sources for a field on the business intelligence report. It can also report on all the data sources that a particular BI report is dependent upon. Another cool feature is that it can generate both textual and graphical reports. This tool will minimize the required assistance of programmers and data architects needed to understand data flow and can save a lot of man hours.

IBM Metadata Workbench can also generate a list of all the business reports and terms used which could be further used as a glossary to educate new team members. It also has role-based access control. So that normal users cannot update the information in the metadata repository and import new metadata. Only an administrator can perform these tasks to make sure the metadata is accurate and complete at any given point in time. An administrator can also assign terms, edit or remove them. A user can only explore information asserts and run extensive reports on data lineage, impact and dependency analysis.

IBM Metadata Workbench can be accessed using an IE or Firefox browser and doesn’t need to installed as a client.

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