InfoSphere BigInsights: Analytics for Batch Big Data

You have probably already heard of the term big data. It seems to be the new water cooler IT term which is generating a lot of buzz. It’s interesting to read up on the exponentially increasing volume and how companies are beginning to experiment with big data analytics as we enter the era of big data, but how can your business actually leverage a big data solution to save (or make) money? This blog will provide a brief introduction to InfoSphere BigInsights, an enterprise Hadoop big data solution, which is just one part of the entire IBM big data platform. You can read more about the IBM Big Data Platform, here.

What is InfoSphere BigInsights?

At it’s most basic level, InfoSphere BigInsights is an enterprise Hadoop big data solution which allows you to run complex analytics on previously un-analyzable batch data (due to performance, cost, etc.) The core of BigInsights is the Hadoop file system which allows you store huge volumes of data across hundreds (or thousands) of nodes of commodity hardware. When Hadoop has been configured, it unifies all of your nodes into a single cluster, allowing you to see a single extremely large volume to store your data. InfoSphere BigInsights offers the enterprise much more than just the Hadoop file system (otherwise it wouldn’t be a Big Data solution!). In addition to Hadoop, BigInsights offers analytics support, data integration, as well as operational excellence.

What Kinds of Customer Requirements Does BigInsights Solve?

  • Process large volumes of diverse data: Think big! Processing requirements can exceed hundreds if not thousands of terabytes a day. BigInsights has the capability of processing data that is structured, semi-structured, or unstructured.
  • Combine insights with the existing data warehouse: You shouldn’t think of big data as replacing your current data warehouse, but rather as complementary to your existing environment. When customers leverage both their existing environment and BigInsights, it allows them to gain the latest and greatest insights into their deicison making.
  • Reduce cost of maintaining data in the warehouse: Hadoop allows you to store various kinds of data on inexpensive hardware with nearly unlimited scalability.

What Kind of Analytics Support Does BigInsights Come With?

Hadoop gives you the ability to store diverse data at a low cost. You have tons of data stored across hundreds of nodes but how do you make use of this data? The biggest challenge when dealing with big data is extracting insights from large volumes of data. Some of the commonly analyzed big data by BigInsights originates from: log records, click streams, social media data, news feeds, and electronic sensor output. BigInsights offers an advanced text analytics toolkit with a vast library of extractors  to help you gain insights from these types of data.

An example of using BigInsights to extract insights from big data can be shown in the following situation. When there is an outage within a company, employees work frantically to get rid of the outage as soon as possible. How can we help shorten the time of outages? Or better yet, prevent them altogether. BigInsights can allow you to store and run analytics of large amounts of machine logs to look for particular patterns. These patterns help customers notice particular logs associated with a certain type of outage and through an iterative process the customer can  take the necessary steps to prevent future disruptions.

What Are the Benefits of BigInsights?

Here is a summary of the benefits that BigInsights can offer your organization.

  • Reduce cost of data storage with Hadoop
  • Reduce processing costs with by pushing processing onto commodity hardware
  • Gain new insights from a variety of sources
  • Compliment your existing data warehouse
  • Experiment with analysis of different data combinations
  • Visualize your big data with a spreadsheet-like tool
  • Easily integrate BigInsights to communicate with many types of enterprise software

InfoSphere BigInsights is a game-changing software which can allow your organization to gain previously unattainable and valuable insights. For more information or if you have any questions about IBM InfoSphere BigInsights or the IBM Big Data Platform please contact: