InfoSphere Information Server 8.7

InfoSphere Information Server v8.7 is IBM’s newest release of the data integration platform. It was released in October 2011 and it offers some of the new tools which can be extremely valuable to a DataStage developer.

Why Upgrade to Information Server 8.7?

There are many reasons to stay current with one of the newer releases of DataStage. The most significant reason for upgrading to Information Server 8.7 would be for the new features. New options can help developers improve their job design and overall development. New releases of DataStage can improve performance of existing designs without any changes to the code. The extended functionality allows new jobs to further increase performance. Each new release also offers bug fixes of known issues with previous releases. Information Server 8.7 is built off of an existing fix pack for version 8.5, therefore it is stable and many of the known bugs for 8.5 are fixed in 8.7. Moving forward, it appears that newer releases with continue to improve performance of existing features and increase functionality of the full suite of products.

What’s New in Version 8.7?

DataStage offers an advantage over other ETL tools because of its automatic integration with the suite’s other applications. Version 8.7 takes Business Glossary to a new level with extended functionality and a great user interface to interact with. The user interface now features just one URL for any web-based activities which gives users the ability to make and change glossary content in the environment of how it will be viewed.

Version 8.7 offers a new rule stage which makes it easier to develop, execute and monitor any information that is located in a data store. This stage allows rules which have been created in InfoSphere Information Analyzer to be accessed by the DataStage and QualityStage designer, letting developers receive instant feedback on the correctness of analyzed rows.

Information Server 8.7 provides a new IBM InfoSphere DataStage and QualityStage Operations Console. The Operations Console is a view only client which gives the developer access to the run-time environment of Information Server. It has graphs providing summaries of resource consumption, running processes, etc. It makes it very simple to performance tune jobs to run more efficiently.

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